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Mounting system for skirting boards

We offer a special mounting system for fastening our skirting boards – an invisible, quick and simple mounting is provided. Our system is applicable for professional users as well as for end consumers.


Install skirting boards professionally, quickly and above all, invisibly! The intelligent and invisible mounting system HOCOclipstar facilitates a quick and easy fastening. Skirting boards can be mounted neatly, irritating cables can be hidden and masonry irregularities can be smoothed out. The days of nailing or shooting skirting boards are over. HOCOclipstar is suitable for many of our skirting boards and is easily combined with our HOCOfinish acoustic insulation.

Advantages of HOCOclipstar:

  • Invisible fastening
  • Easy installation/ removal
  • Cable routing capacity
  • Hides masonry irregularities
  • Neat butt joints
  • Compatible with HOCOfinish


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Dimensions in mm 30 x 32
Fits profiles 554 UM, 553 UM, 550 UM, 552 UM, 610 UM, 630 UM, 631 UM, 632 UM, 553 UMF, 550 UMF, 552 UMF, 634 UMF, 631 UMF, 560 UMF, 624 UMF, 625 UMF, 626 UMF, 609 UMF, 606 UMF, 608 UMF, 632 UMF, 630 UMF

HOCOclipstar packaging units

Pieces per box 50 (for 15 - 25 m of skirting board), incl. dowels and screws
Pieces per PVC bag 10 (for 3 - 5 m of skirting board) including dowels and screws


HOCOfinish is a system that reduces the transmission of ambient noise and foot fall sound into neighbouring rooms by up to 4 dB. A back base profile and a highly elastic foam band provide effective noise reduction and simultaneously seal the skirting board. In addition, HOCOfinish optimally evens out wall irregularities and floor subsidence. HOCOfinish is available for solid, veneered and foil coated skirting boards.

HOCOfinish advantages: Can be assembled without silicone; reduces sound transmissionby up to 4 dB; easy assembly; evens out gaps and floor subsidence; sealing function

  1. Bottom attachment to floor
  2. Attachment of top the wall


Dimensions in mm 8.2 x 5.5 x 2700

HOCOfinish colours

Dimensions white in mm 4 x 5
Dimensions black in mm 4 x 5

HOCO repair coating

The repair coating is easily and quickly to be applied thanks to the use of an integrated brush. Product is applicable for our white varnished soft wood core skirting boards.


  • Contains 12 ml
  • Available individually or in boxes of 50 pieces.
HOCO Reparaturlack
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