Sockelleisten von Hoco

Hoco Holz

Skirting boards

The crowning frame
for your floor.

When it comes to individuality and exclusivity, differences do not always have to be huge. It is often enough just to create the right emphasis. Whether solid wood, veneered or foil coated, oiled or varnished, colourful or elegant in white: Amongst our skirting boards you will find the perfect frame to fit your floor and, more importantly, your style.

Use HocoHolz skirting boards to emphasise your own individual style.

Bringing diversity to the floor!

You’ll be captivated by the wealth of different profiles, colours and surfaces that harmonise perfectly with every design trend and style. All our products, such as solid wood skirting, wood veneered and foil coated skirting, pipe-covering skirting, door trim and universal trims are available in a variety of wood species and profiles.

And special requests or custom orders really allow us to show our abilities. We are able to meet practically any custom profile request, thanks to our own, in-house toolmaking.


Solid wood

Our traditional solid wood skirting boards are made to satisfy the highest demands. Real wood, a natural look and a variety of different types of wood give the opportunity to complete your flooring perfectly.


Real wood, through and through. Our veneered skirting shines, due to a solid wood core wrapped in select wood veneer. Quality to meet the highest standards.

Foil coated

Foil coated skirting consists of an MDF core wrapped in a high-quality wood decor. We offer a broad range of over 250 foil designs in different wood shades, colours and patterns.

Pipe-covering skirting boards

Exposed wiring, heating or water pipes? Turn even these unattractive spots into true eye candy with HocoHolz pipe-covering skirting boards.

White skirting boards

White as far as the eye can see. Almost every profile is available in beautiful white. From slender quarter round to classic profile skirting and all the way to trendy cube skirting. Choose from varnished, laminated or foil coated surfaces.

Skirting accessories

Fast, easy and neat installation. Our special mounting systems ensure perfect installations and are suitable for both professional and do-it-yourself users.

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