2-Ply Parquet

A floor as
individual as you

Liveliness, variety and naturalness. Our high-quality 2- and 3-layer parquet flooring convinces with unique charm. Each piece of wood is characterized by different structures, an own character and plenty of liveliness. Precisely these characteristics are reflected in our parquet flooring. Different dimensions of bars and boards, a wide range of carefully selected timbers and most varied surfaces leave nothing to be desired.

Profi strip L

Dimensions in mm: 490 x 70 x 10.8

Multi strip

Dimensions in mm: 490 x 70 x 10.8

HX-Strip 2.0

Dimensions in mm: 680 x 90 x 10.8

Prestige board

Dimensions in mm: 1,000 x 120 x 10.8
Dimensions in mm: 1,200 x 120 x 10.8

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