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A floor as
individual as you

Liveliness, variety and naturalness. Our high-quality 2- and 3-layer parquet flooring convinces with unique charm. Each piece of wood is characterized by different structures, an own character and plenty of liveliness. Precisely these characteristics are reflected in our parquet flooring. Different dimensions of bars and boards, a wide range of carefully selected timbers and most varied surfaces leave nothing to be desired.


You’ll find exactly the floor that suits you. Enter new territory in your own living room. Each step is worth to be made.

2-ply Parquet

Traditional 2-ply parquet, brought up-to-date. Whether in herringbone or one of the many other installation possibilities, this parquet floor is a true classic. Various strip and board lengths, 16 wood species, varnished, oiled or hardwax oiled surfaces leave nothing to be desired.

3-ply Parquet

Large boards, strong structures and sturdy construction. That’s our HOCOwoodlink 2.0 3-ply collection. Every aspect of unique charm, warmth and vitality is reflected in this floor and turns every room into an absolute highlight.

Parquet accessories

Your parquet should have a long life and give long-term satisfaction. Proper care is decisive for the durability of parquet floors. We offer the correct care product for each of our surfaces, guaranteeing the basis of optimal care.

2-ply Parquet

1 PROFI STRIP L 490 x 70 x 10.8 mm
2 MULTI STRIP 490 x 70 x 10.8 mm
3 HX STRIP 680 x 90 x 10.8 mm
4 PRESTIGE BOARD 1,000 x 120 x 10.8 mm
5 PRESTIGE BOARD 1,200 x 120 x 10.8 mm

3-ply Parquet

1 HOCOwoodlink 2.0 1,285 x 140 x 10.8 mm
2 HOCOwoodlink 2.0 1,285 x 175 x 10.8 mm
3 HOCOwoodlink 2.0 1,800 x 140 x 10.8 mm
4 HOCOwoodlink 2.0 1,800 x 175 x 10.8 mm
5 HOCOwoodlink 2.0 2,400 x 228 x 10.8 mm




solvent-free, low-maintenance and very robust sealing.

Natur geölt

Natural oiled

Robust surface with open pores let the floor breathe and offers the haptics of real wood. The room climate is positively influenced.


Hardwax oiled

Natural oils and wax provide an openpored surface supporting the room climate. Robust, low-maintenance and absolutely ecological.




Elegant unpretentious sorting with single knots and harmonic colour range.



Rustic sorting with expressive colour range, striking knots and discreet sapwood.



Vibrant grade with medium colour contrasts and tight knots in almost every strip.




Exquisite and homogeneous surface. The classic one among the structures.



Highly textured surface supporting the wood grain.



Intense sawn structure across the board smoothed by brushing.

* “Open class” grading in accordance with DIN EN 13489: 2014; grading criteria upon request.

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