Handläufe von Hoco

Hoco Holz

handrail systems / stair steps

Solid and elegant

Hands-on feeling at all times. Handrail systems by HocoHolz may be integrated in each ambience. With colours corresponding to the flooring and to the stair steps the interior areas are harmonious and balanced. The system is characterized by a simple, clean and ready-for-installation workmanship. Matching bows, end pieces and mounting brackets are contained in the system.

Handrail HL 42

Diameter in mm: Ø 42.3 / round

Handrail HL Lounge

Dimensions  in mm: 60 x 29 / oval

Handrail HL Lounge Top

Dimensions of upper part in mm60 x 28.2

Dimensions of lower part in mm: 25 x 21 / oval / two parts

Handrail HL Cube 50

Dimensions in mm: 44 x 50 / rectangular

Handrail HL Cube 60

Dimensions in mm: 44 x 60 / rectangular

Drilling template

Suitable for: HL 50, HL 42, HL Lounge/Lounge Top

Room ambience, perfectly harmonized

Open living areas more and more enjoy particular popularity and visually recurring elements are fully within the trend. Our Profi Strip, Prestige Board and HOCOwoodlink parquets serve as base materials. Our stair step profiles are perfectly integrated in the design of the rooms and emphasise a harmonious and elegant ambience.

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