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Welcome to the world of HocoHolz. Being based in Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria, we have a special affinity for wood as a raw material because of our history. Wild and romantic natural landscapes dominate our surroundings, constantly providing inspiration to create something new. The combination of modernity and loyalty to traditions sets us apart – always with a focus on ultimate quality.

Every piece of wood is characterised by its own structures, personality and great vitality: these are exactly the qualities reflected in our parquet floors and skirting. Take the opportunity to express your personality to the full. After all: only your house is your home. Show it!


Skirting boards

Skirting boards

Whether solid wood, veneered foil coated, custom-shaped, colourful or completely classical: with 60 years of experience, our skirting portfolio shows its superiority with a wide range of surfaces and colours that always harmonise perfectly with furnishing trends and every style.

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Wood breathes, wood is alive and wood works. It has a warm, vibrant character that you can feel with every sense and has a sustainable, positive influence on indoor climate. With a real wood floor, you’ll bring a unique piece of nature into your home. Different strip and board lengths offer the exact layout that you need for your rooms and a large variety of colours provides the perfect look to match your unique style. Turn your ideas into reality.

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Handrail Systems / Stair steps

Handrail systems / stair steps

With handrails by HocoHolz, you always have everything firmly in hand. A variety of shapes, from round to angular and oval, in all popular lengths and diameters, can be integrated into every spatial ambience. With colours corresponding to the flooring and to the stair steps the interior areas are harmonious and balanced.

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Natural talents

natural surfaces

19 natural

Vitality. Variety. Naturalness. Feel nature’s beauty from fibre to pore. 19 natural surfaces give the spirit of discovery everything it desires.

Matching skirting board collection

Matching skirting
board collection

Give your floor the crowning frame. Our HOCO® Natura in Profile 631 has been developed for Parquet 2.0 and blends seamlessly with your floor.

Continuous  4-bevelled edge

4-bevelled edge

Individual and full of character. The 4-bevelled edge gives board transitions a charming, vibrant impact. Enjoy true country-house flair in your own home.

Hard wax oiled surface

oiled surface

The hardwax oiled surface is not only tough as nails. The open-pored surface also has a sustainable, positive impact on room climate.

Strong  structures


Wild, beautiful and authentic. The strong structures reflect the naturalness and beauty of the wilderness in all its complexity. From the fibre to the pore.


Reference Object

Elegant parquet in Neo-Renaissance old building.

That the architectural style of the Neo-Renaissance and modern living concepts harmonize perfectly, can be seen in the former "Haus der Kaufleute" in Frankfurt. HOCO parquet was installed in 9 restored apartments.

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HOCOwoodlink 2018

Ein großer Auftritt.

Finally our new 3-ply parquet brochure "HOCOwoodlink 2018" has been published. 72 characterful pages with lots of vitality are waiting for you to be discovered. Enjoy reading and browsing our new brochure and maybe you will find your dream floor.

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Apprenticeships with HocoHolz

Have you got plans for what you’re doing after leaving school? Lay the foundations for your career now, with an apprenticeship at HocoHolz! In 2018 we are once again offering some exciting Electronics Technician and Wood Technician apprenticeships. Valuable knowledge, exciting work and a secure job await you!
Apprenticeships start on 1 September 2018.

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Solid and elegant - Handrail systems made by HocoHolz

Hands-on feeling at all times. Different shapes, from round to rectangular to oval, in all common lengths and diameters, Handrail systems by HocoHolz may be integrated in each ambience. With colours corresponding to the flooring and to the stair steps the interior areas are harmonious and balanced. 

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Country house flair for your home! 3-layer parquet in XL format.

Large floorboards, strong structures and a strong construction. This is our 3-layer parquet HOCOwoodlink 2.0. With the extraordinary 2,400 x 288 x 10.8 mm board we are now bringing our great exotics into our standard range.


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At HOCO®, we act responsibly. We are certified by the FSC® end PEFC®, ensuring sustainable forest management. We want nature to be healthy as our children grow up.

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